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Protecting your Amazon Linux WordPress server using fail2ban and Cloudflare

Servers on the internet are under constant attack, usually from automated scripts trying to make use of your resources. WordPress installations are doubly attacked, because they’re often out of date and are relatively easy to take over. This article describes how to use fail2ban and Cloudflare to protect your Amazon…

Qualified as AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Level

I’m happy to announce that this week I qualified as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Level. This is significant qualification that validates that my knowledge and skills with the AWS platform meet their high professional standards. I offer independent AWS Consulting Services (prices here). Please contact us if we can help with your project.

Fixing WordPress indexes, foreign keys and auto_increment fields

I recently migrated a number of WordPress websites and a custom PHP website from AWS RDS to MySQL on an EC2 instance using the AWS Database Migration Service. I didn’t know beforehand that secondary indexes, foreign keys, and auto_increment fields aren’t migrated – this made a heck of a mess,…