Website SEO, HTTPS & Performance Services

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), HTTPS, and Performance Optimisation Services

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the key services we offer, on WordPress, Good Gallery, or any other website or content management system. We follow all published guidelines by Google and other search engines, taking a “white hat” approach – we don’t try to trick Google into ranking your website higher as this can result in penalties. We aim to follow all Google Quality Guidelines for websites. Our general approach is to ensure your website:

  • Accurately describes what you do, where you do it, and why customers should use your services, in a way that both search engines and human visitors can understand.
  • Is fast and free of errors.
  • Is mobile friendly.
  • Is is available over an https encrypted connection, unless there’s some reason not to do this.

Fast, encrypted, mobile friendly websites are a stated key focus for Google for 2015 and 2016. Slow websites are marked “slow” in the Google search results, and websites that display well on mobiles are marked “mobile friendly”. You can see examples below.

We accomplish the above aims with a number of methods:

  • Set up appropriate page titles and page headings.
  • We ensure text is clear and concise, and that your location is clearly available in a way that both people and search engines can understand.
  • We associate you page with various social media accounts, Google My Business, and Google Maps.
  • We use various testing mechanisms to check for errors, performance, and mobile compatibility. If any of these fails we address the failures on a case by case basis.
  • Different types of caching can be used within your website to speed page generation. Browsers can be told to keep parts of the website that rarely change stored locally so it can be displayed quickly.
  • We use Content Distribution Networks, which as well as keeping copies of your website resources around the world, which can often optimize some aspects of the content or content delivery. CDNs are a very effective tool to speed up some aspects of website performance.
  • We can make your website secure (https) using either a content distribution network, or using the more traditional route of installing an certificate on your website to enable https. The latter method is a little more complex and can more more expensive but is more secure, which is mostly of benefit to websites that accept financial information. The “padlock” in the browser helps gain the trust of your customers.

Once these basics have been done a key factor to SEO is links to your website from other reputable websites. We can either help with link building or provide advice so you can do this yourself. A combined approach can minimise your costs but maximise the results.

Using these tools and techniques combined with our extensive technical and website experience we can help your website rank higher up Google.



Google displaying "mobile friend" on mobile friendly websites

Mobile Friendly Search Results


Google display "slow to load" on slow websites

“Slow to Load” search results