Set / Packaged Pricing

We offer the following fixed prices for common tasks (note that they include an initial consultation, all prices in US Dollars)

Task Price (USD) Description
Basic Good Gallery Migration $100 Includes:

  • An email consultation about your website needs and switching your primary website to Good Gallery, and all required communication.
  • DNS changes required to point other services at different servers (eg shopping cart). If you need subdomains created for things like self hosted shopping carts or hosting static files (pdf price lists, static images) this is an extra cost.
  • This price can apply to similar migrations to other hosted website providers.
Good Gallery Migration with SEO and Performance Work $475 Includes work that if done at our hourly rate costs around $700:

  • “Basic Good Gallery Migration” (above, typically $100)
  • “Basic SEO and Performance Pack” (below, typically $350), without the CDN (unnecessary on Good Gallery), for both Good Gallery and WordPress
  • Theme installation and configuration (logo, menu, plugins)
  • Basic security work (primarily around usernames and permissions)
  • Set up automatic updates, for security
  • Google and Bing Webmaster console establishment and configuration (helps you monitor your website and SEO)
  • Google My Business / Google Maps setup (great for SEO)
  • Google Analytics setup, including creating an account if necessary, and adding to Good Gallery / WordPress
  • NB: this does NOT include migrating your blog from your old website. I recommend that Good Gallery completes this task as they have complete access to their systems.
Basic email migration $250 This service sets up your domain email on Google Business Email (Gmail) or FastMail, and includes migrating all of a single user’s existing email from an existing industry standard IMAP server to your new email service. Standard DNS changes to enable this migration are included. This package includes advice to help you set up your computer and other devices to work the new email system. Minor DNS changes, such as moving to Good Gallery or a new website provider, is done at no extra charge.

The package above is sufficient to migrate a single user from most email systems from standard systems to Gmail or Fastmail. Anything not included above is excluded. The following are explicitly excluded from the package, and any work in these areas is charged at our standard rate:

  • Resolving any kind of lock around DNS or other services
  • Helping you discover the provider, user, or password to your existing services (DNS, web host, email host)
  • Anything to do with other Google services, including migration of Google accounts or services
  • Working with pre-existing Google accounts on the domain in question
  • Working with any non-standard systems, including web hosting, DNS, email
  • Copying your email from your computer to the server (this is possible but can be time consuming)

Note that these restrictions are very rarely a factor, and we’re often happy to absorb small amounts of work without additional cost.

Complex email migration $400 This includes the basic email migration package above, plus migrating email for a single user that’s been downloaded to your computer to Gmail or FastMail. Note that this is subject to initial investigation. Any work around combining Google accounts or migrating anything other than email (maps, reviews, etc) from other Google accounts is not included in this package and is done at our current hourly rate.
Website SEO Assessment $250 This is for a basic website SEO (search engine optimization) assessment of any website, including WordPress, Good Gallery, or anything else. It includes an overall assessment and recommendations of what you need to do to improve your website for SEO, advice on website structure and content, best efforts at Google Webmaster and Google My Business registration, and may include some basic site-wide changes such as titles. Resolving issues found is not included, but can be done at our standard hourly rates.
Comprehensive Website SEO Assessment $500 This comprehensive website SEO audit includes a 70 point check, including testing with multiple tools, and a complete write-up of issues found and suggested resolutions. Resolving issues found is not included, but can be done at our standard hourly rates.
Basic SEO and performance pack $350 This is for basic SEO (search engine optimization) and performance work on a WordPress website, including home page text and image optimization (desktop and mobile), caching changes (page, browser, connection keep-alive), plugin analysis and optimization, and if applicable moving your website to a free content distribution network. This includes up to one hour communicating with your hosting support if required. Performance testing is done before and after to show the result of the work. We often change or fix other little things we notice, such as automatic backups, email SPF, domain records, etc – every website is different.

Note that this pack focuses on your existing home page, not your entire site, though often these changes can affect your whole site. Creating new pages is not included, creating mobile sites is not included, and image optimisation across the site is only included as a result of the work done on your home page. Moving your site to https is not included, though if it can be done easily we may include it.

Basic WordPress website setup $800 Includes domain registration, web hosting setup, WordPress setup, plugin setup, basic SEO (search engine optimization), installation of  a theme such as the free theme Interface or the commercial Photocrati set of themes (included), setting up the required pages, and instructions on how to create content on your new website. Includes email setup on the server or on gmail, and includes our basic SEO package above. Putting content onto the website (text and images) is not included but can be done at our hourly rate. Note that this price includes registration of a .com domain, other domains may be an additional charge, but does not include web hosting. Google Apps costs $5/month per user after the first month, paid directly to Google.
Full Wordpress website setup $1500 This includes everything in our $800 website package, setting up content on a home page, two galleries, two information pages, a blog, and a contact form. This does not include custom web design, work must be done within what the selected theme makes reasonably possible. Other themes such as ProPhoto may incur an extra charge. Note that you must supply text and images. See an example of a website we made using the Photocrati theme here – Wild Photography Wellington Wedding Photographer.
Good Gallery website setup (including blog) $1000 This includes getting up to 10 pages and 5 galleries onto Good Gallery, setting up the blog theme and security, SEO and performance work on both Good Gallery and the blog, two hours of communications (plus the free initial consultation), two hours of training how to use Good Gallery and WordPress, and actually taking Good Gallery live. This is roughly equivalent to the “full WordPress website setup” package above.
Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress migration $225 Migrates all posts content and images from Blogger/Blogspot, including setting up whatever redirects are possible to keep any existing SEO value. This does not include WordPress installation or configuration outside the scope of the migration. This service assumes you have WordPress installed on your own web hosting and have control panel access, additional fees may apply with hosted platforms such as WPEngine or Good Gallery if additional time is required due to the hosted platform. We can offer a fixed price to either set up WordPress from scratch on your on hosting, or configure an existing blog, including theme and plugins. More details can be found here
These packages are subject to a 30% margin if the required turnaround is less than 5 days. If we choose to accept work that requires an immediate start we charge a 100% margin (50% for established customers). Note that these margins may be waived for very simple tasks such as simple DNS changes.

Please also see time limits associated with packages in our terms and conditions below, #7.

Hourly / Consulting Rates

Rates for customers outside New Zealand

Note: minimum charge per request is one hour, as per terms and conditions.

Description Hourly Rate (USD)
Standard Hourly Rate $60/hr
Advanced work, include AWS (Amazon Web Services) consulting, AWS related work, and Linux system administration $110/hr
High priority requests with a requested turnaround of less than five days are charged a 30% margin (excludes
work done inside a pre-existing project / task, exceptions may be made for regular customers)
Urgent “we need help right now” tasks aren’t typically accepted, but if we accept them we charge a 100% margin (50% margin for established customers)

Rates for customers inside New Zealand

Description Hourly Rate (NZD)
Standard hourly rate NZ$85/hr + GST
AWS consulting and AWS related work NZ$150/hr + GST
Urgent “we need help right now” tasks aren’t typically accepted, but if we accept them we charge a 100% margin (50% margin for established customers)

 Terms and conditions

  1. Time billed to the customer includes all communications (Skype or email), any required research, active support or any work on your behalf. Work outside the scope of our fixed price packages is billed at our standard rates.
  2. Estimates are free, we reserve the right to charge for detailed quotes for large jobs.
  3. The minimum charge for any job based on our hourly rate is one hour.
  4. Each job estimated at 2 hours or more includes an optional initial 30 minute Skype call at no charge.
  5. Ad-hoc email support or advice for existing customers is billed in 5 minute increments, with a minimum of 10 minutes.
  6. If the price is likely to exceed the budget you specify when you contact us we’ll let you know as soon as possible, and stop work until you either authorize a higher budget or tell us to do the best we can in the time allocated. If no budget is specified we will alert as we consider appropriate, which will typically be in $250 increments.
  7. The time within a package is limited to a total number of hours as defined by our hourly rate, plus a 25% bonus. For example a $600 package at an hourly rate of $60, gives 10 hours, plus the 25% bonus takes it to a maximum of 12.5 hours. We will contact you when this limit is reached.
  8. Most tasks are paid after we solve your problem. We will send you an invoice as soon as we solve your problem, payment due with 10 days. Paypal is our most common invoicing method for customers outside of New Zealand.
  9. Work estimated to be over US$200 requires a 50% deposit. Invoices are typically sent once the total owing is above $200 or monthly, whichever comes first.
  10. All outgoings such as domain registration or third party themes are required in addition to the deposit, before we start work.
  11. Late payments incur a $20 administration fee, plus 2% per week until the date the payment is made. Any accounts sent for collection will be charged a $100 fee as soon as the account is sent for collection. Any costs associated with collecting unpaid debt will be passed on to the customer.
  12. We reserve the right to charge a credit card surcharge to cover the cost of credit card processing. This is more likely with American Express, who typically charge higher fees.
  13. We make no promises around turnaround time, though we’ll do our best to reply to emails and solve your issues quickly, especially for existing customers.

Please note that our general approach is that we want happy, long term customers who recommend us to their friends and colleagues. We often use our discretion, and ask ourselves “is this reasonable” and “how would I feel about this charge if I was the customer” when raising our invoice.