WordPress Services – Website Design, Performance, SEO, Security

WordPress Services

We have extensive experience with Wordpress, both in creating WordPress based websites and supporting of modifying existing WordPress websites. If your WordPress site is slow, insecure, has been hit by hackers, needs backups or restores done, or simply some layout or content changes, we can help.

WordPress Website Design

We do WordPress website design based on any theme of your choice. We choose not to do full custom WordPress website designs, we specialise in working with a variety of free and commercial themes.

WordPress Website Migration

WordPress migration can be simple, or difficult. A basic website is usually reasonably straightforward to migrate, but there can be challenges such as moving a website with a huge media library (we’ve done 10GB+), moving the website without downtime (done), or a number of other challenges. We understand WordPress, websites, and databases backwards and forwards so we can cope with the most complex migrations.


WordPress Website Backups

There are a variety of WordPress backup plugins available, with a variety of backup destinations. Setting up the backup correctly is essential, as it testing this backup to ensure you can recover from it if required. We have experience with the two major WordPress backup plugins, UpdraftPlus Backup and BackWPUp, both backing up and restoring websites.


WordPress Website SEO

WordPress can make it SEO easier, but it’s not automatic. You need a theme that was written with SEO and performance in mind, you need pages with good textual content, well optimised images, fast pages, and a variety of other things. We consider all the factors and design an SEO approach unique to each website.


WordPress Website Security

What happens if your website gets hacked? Hopefully you have backups so you can restore, but it’s better to prevent problems in the first place. There are a variety of plugins that can be used to try to prevent issues, though many can be complex to configure, along with techniques such as using obscure usernames and automatic updates so you’re always up to date with the latest security patches.


WordPress Website Problem Analysis

Do you have some other problem with your WordPress website? We can probably help track the problem down 🙂

If you need any of these services please don’t hesitate to contact us today.