Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and Feedback

Here are some testimonials, feedback and reviews we’ve received from our customers. You can also see reviews left by our customers on Google and Facebook.

I love Tim. His generosity, expertise and thoughtful responsiveness sets the bar for masterful service and exemplary professionalism. I “accidentally” found Photographers Tech Support the day I purchased a spanking new Good Gallery site with a 73 page user manual. On page 2 my eyes glazed. I became quite sleepy. I took a nap. I drank some expresso. I emailed Tim. That was the best email I have sent in years. Tim consistently exceeds my expectations not only with his technical precision but more importantly with his gracious humility and kindness. Tim’s work is artful mastery of a mysterious tech language. I am deeply grateful and fortunate to be his client.

Amy from Amy Deputy Photography, Baltimore Wedding and Portrait Photographer, rated as one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world 2015

Note from Tim – Amy was one of our first customers and is a long term customer, we manage all her web and technical system. We’ve done a lot of work with her around Good Gallery, website migrations, email migration, and untangling years of website mess. Amy is always an absolute pleasure to deal with and it’s been my privilege to work with her

Support is an understatement for the work Tim did for my business!!  Tim at Photographers Tech Support was invaluable to me.  Everything about his help went above and beyond all I could have hoped for.  Tim did an amazing job with technical work around email migration to Google, plus SEO, reliability, and performance work on WordPress and Good Gallery.  He took the time to explain it all to me in terms I could understand which is huge to me!  I think he knows more than humanly possible about all things tech.  Tim is seriously the best contractor/tech guy I have ever worked with!  I HIGHLY recommend Photographers Tech Support!! If I could give him 10 stars I would (and I don’t usually give out top stars!)!!!  Use this guy, you will be thrilled!

JC from Carley Photography, Connecticut Wedding Photographer

I came across the link for Tim’s website in a Facebook group where someone was recommending people to help with SEO. I’m so glad I clicked on the link and after reading his reviews and packages I was sold and wasted no time in getting in contact with him.

Everything said about Tim and his services in the reviews are 100% accurate, he was incredibly easy to deal with and no question was too stupid or tedious for him to answer. His communication is brilliant, particularly for someone like me who is not so “techy” and he really went above and beyond to make sure I knew exactly what he was doing and how long it would take. Even after he had finished he was good enough to take a look at a few small things that I needed extra help with.

I would 100% recommend Tim to anyone who needs help in this area, he definitely is an expert in his field and goes the extra mile for his clients.

Kathy from Silke Photography, Dublin, Ireland.

We did some SEO and WordPress work for Kathy, including changing her website domain name to a country specific domain, moving the website to faster local hosting, improving the SEO of the pages, and giving advice on how to keep improving Google rankings herself.

I reached out to Tim to help transition my email to gmail as it was just too technical for me to do. Tim made this happen seamlessly and took the stress out of it for me, he just knew what to do which was great.

He also did some work on my WordPress website to speed it up, tweak the format and add tabs and tags etc for me. It was great having someone do this for me who knew what they we doing. Tim also did some SEO work for me on my website and provided me with tips on best practices for SEO in the future.

I can highly recommend Tim, he knows his stuff, he’s very obliging, consistently quick in responding to emails and reasonably priced. He’s just awesome.

Natalie from Natalie Bailey Photography, Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer, Australia

Note from Tim – we did a migration from standard Unix web hosting to Gmail, WordPress performance, SEO, and some mobile WordPress work for Natalie.

I was overwhelmed as a new small business owner and my friends had worked with Tim and recommended him to “tweak” my website. He was amazingly quick to respond to my many questions. Not only did he do work for my SEO, he helped with many formatting issues. Tim made my SquareSpace website unique and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I will continue to use Tim as my business grows and you should too!

Brooke from Reforming Foundation Pilates, Birmingham, Detroit MI

Note from Tim – we did some work on customizing Brooke’s SquareSpace site, adding maps, lots of content and formatting work, setting up Google Analytics, and a few other miscellaneous little things.

“I can’t recommend Tim enough, it seems like he knows everything about everything when it comes to technical problems.  I had multiple websites and blogs that needed migration.  It was important that it be a smooth transition and that I keep all my years of earned SEO.  This was very complex and their were problems hidden underneath problems.  Tim quickly uncovered all the issues and provided solutions to accommodate all of the limitations of my old sites.  His communication was outstanding and timely. A+++++” – Eric of Be Creative Photography, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Note from Tim – this was a reasonably complex migration, with four different types of slide shows, a shopping cart, two blogs, plus pdf files and videos, all moving from a single host to Good Gallery and a new subdomain of the existing host. It took a bit of time, but we got it all done for Eric 🙂

“We came to Tim with a long list of questions and those questions from us never ceased. He answered each throughout his great email communication as well as regular updates on the work he was doing. He was very thorough, trustworthy, allowed us to share passwords securely or gave instruction on setting up limited access through our various web based systems. He never tried to access something not already discussed without bringing it to our attention first. Thank you Tim.” – Jade of Jade Norwood Photography, Adelaide Wedding Photographer.

Note from Tim – we did SEO and performance work for Jade to help bump them up the wedding photographer listings. In conjunction with their own link building work the website is steadily risking up the Google rankings 🙂

“Tim was a LIFE (and time, and sanity) SAVER when it came to transitioning our email to Gmail apps. It was over our head, and letting Photographers Tech Support handle the nitty gritty freed us up to hang with our baby instead of being buried in our computers more than we already are. Thanks!” – Jess from Jess and Nate Studios, Michigan Wedding Photographers

“Oh my what a relief to know you are handling this and that you are on my team.  I am truly grateful for your work on my convoluted-ness.” – Amy, April 2014

Note from Tim – Amy is a long term customer of PTS, we manage all of her websites, migrations, WordPress, Good Gallery, SEO, and Internet based systems, including creating systems, maintenance, and upgrades. Amy is a well known wedding photography in the USA.

“Knowing just enough to be dangerous, I needed a lot of help when it came to optimizing my wordpress blog, website and shopping cart, all of which had been giving me serious load speed issues. Tim was amazingly responsive, replying to emails immediately, knowing just what needed to be done, and doing it in a fast and efficient timeframe. I am extremely pleased with Tim’s service and will not hesitate at all to contact him again about whatever web developing work I might need.” – Karen Evans, Ohio Wedding and Portrait Photographer, November 2014

Note from Tim – we did some performance work for Karen, she later came back to us for more help and we supported her move to Good Gallery.