Our Services

Our services are aimed at but not limited to professional photographers worldwide. We specialize in web site, email, and some SEO services, including the following:

  • We can set up a WordPress website, including domain registration, web host selection, Wordpress and theme setup, and help you get started.
  • We can move websites between hosts, including database backed websites.
  • We can set up your email on Google/Gmail, FastMail, or Office 365, including migrating your email from your existing web host. See more details on email services.
  • Website performance optimization is a speciality, we have years of experience in this area. This is achieved though a combination of caching, htaccess optimisations, distributed DNS, using a content distribution network (CDN). More details about website performance enhancement services here.
  • We can help with Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We’re not the biggest SEO experts in the world, but we do effective SEO that’s kept our own websites at or near the top of Google for many years. More information about SEO for photographers websites here.
  • We can help set up iPhones or Android phones to work with your new or existing systems, for example email and calendaring.
  • We can help Good Gallery clients move to Good Gallery, including all required website, email and DNS changes, 301 redirects, and making sure the parts of your website that aren’t moving to Good Gallery are still accessible – shopping carts, slide shows, galleries, PDF files, etc.
  • We can help tweak, fix or enhance a variety of websites, including minor changes to WordPress templates.


We also offer the following services, but primarily as support to our main services

  • Help with your Windows machine, including remote setup, general problem solving, performance issues, software installation, and general questions. Read about technical support services or see the PC Support category on our blog for examples of what we’ve done.
  • We can help make Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, or Lightroom faster or more reliable.
  • We will attempt to remove viruses and malware, but we make no guarantees of success.
  • With your permission, and with you watching, we can take remote control of your PC to investigate and solve PC problems. You can watch what we’re doing and stop it any time.

We’re not able to help with the following:

  • Anything Apple PC specific (we know a little, but not enough to help all that much)
  • Detailed problem solving with Lightroom (though we know a thing or two about it)
  • We’re not web designers, if you want your website significantly customized we’re probably not the right people for the job. We can often do smaller changes, changing titles or styles, changing spacing, changing colors, etc.
  • We can’t remote control a PC that doesn’t boot into Windows properly, but we can advise on steps you can take to solve the problem yourself.

Note: once our task is completed you will be given all passwords, and you will own your domains or work product outright. We will remove any record of passwords or sensitive information given to us.

You can read some of our success stories on our blog.