Website Services

Website Services – Website Design, Maintenance and Enhancements

We have two decades of experience developing websites, both large corporate websites and websites for photographers.

Websites for photographers and small businesses are what we’re concentrating on here at PTS. Our primary platform is WordPress, which now powers around 20% of all websites on the Internet. We use themes such as Photocrati and ProPhoto for photographers websites, Infinity Grid for blogs, Interface for basic websites, or Limitless for more complex sites. We can work with any theme you choose. Photocrati is our favorite theme, it’s simple, fast, great for SEO, and really easy to work with. Prophoto is a popular option, but it’s more difficult to work with, more difficult to optimise, and not quite as fast.

We’ve also worked with SquareSpace and Good Gallery. Have a read of our thoughts about all these themes and platforms on this article on our blog.

Our services includes:

  • Building you a website from the scratch on either a new domain or a domain you already own. We can take it to the point that it’s ready for you to add pages and images, or we can do it all for you. See Wild Photography as an example of our work.
  • Enhancing or modifying your existing website, either a complete overhaul or small tweaks.
  • Preventing spam on your website comments.
  • Moving your website to another web host.
  • Adding contact forms or features to your existing website.
  • Just about anything with WordPress, as we have expensive WordPress experience.

Not sure if we can help? Contact us to ask!