Good Gallery Support and Services

Here at PTS we have a lot of experience with Good Gallery, a hosted website service primarily aimed at professional photographers. We’ve worked with at least a dozen customers to help them get Good Gallery working for them. For a year or two we were recommended by Good Gallery to do the DNS changes and email migration required to make Good Gallery your main website, and we can do much more to help you get a fast, well optimized Good Gallery website and WordPress blog.

Good Gallery’s a great website content management system. It’s super fast, it provides support for good SEO, it meets all Google guidelines, and it’s easy to use. Most people don’t need much help with it, but there are a few technical things required to get a Good Gallery site working on your domain:

  • You need to host your email with a dedicated provider, as Good Gallery doesn’t offer that service.
  • You need to change your DNS to point your domain name at the Good Gallery servers.
  • You should do SEO to ensure your website can be found by your target customers.

While instructions are provided, many people would prefer an expert to do this for them. We’ve helped many photographers make Good Gallery their primary website.

Just because Good Gallery is capable of SEO that doesn’t mean it happens automatically or by default. You still need to work on a number of things, including (but not limited to):

  • Page titles and descriptions for Good Gallery and the WordPress Blog
  • Gallery and image titles and descriptions
  • Page URLs
  • Making sure Google and Bing know where you are and what you do, which is primarily done using text and links to social media
  • WordPress optimisation, including performance, plugins
  • WordPress security (many WordPress installs are insecure)
  • WordPress automatic updates (essential for people who don’t log into their blog to apply updates regularly)
  • Google and Bing Webmaster accounts, and Google Analytics

As well as the basics here are some other things we’ve done with Good Gallery:

  • We’ve helped set up the Good Gallery provided blogs, including migrating from Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress and direct WordPress to WordPress migrations
  • We do a lot of work optimizing blogs to be fast and secure
  • We do theme work with blogs, both adding and modifying commercial themes
  • We do the redirect work required to ensure that Google can find your content once the Good Gallery website replaces your old website (technically called 301 redirects). One of our customers required hundreds of redirects, so we created a script to do that for us quickly rather than do it by hand
  • We’ve helped do a few non-standard things, like putting social media icons directly onto the main menu and submitting a contact form to “17 Hats”
  • We do SEO on both Good Gallery and WordPress
  • We do some routine work like creating pages and menus, laying out pages and text
  • We’ve set up Good Gallery websites from scratch (though we’re not web developers and this isn’t what we specialise in)

As a result of our work on Good Gallery we’ve taken over all the website and technical work for a number of prominent photographers. Check out our testimonials page for more information, though not all our customers want to be publicly identified.

If you’d like help migrating to Good Gallery please get in touch!