Favorite SEO articles July 2015

Favorite SEO articles July 2015

I read a fair few SEO blogs, and I keep some of my SEO customers up to date. Here’s a collection of the articles I’ve sent to some of my customers recently that might help others.

The first article is for SEO newbies, going through the basics of SEO as it is in 2015. SEO changes constantly, techniques that worked five years ago or even a year ago may not be effective, and some techniques penalize you. For the real basics of SEO have a read of this SEO beginners article. That article is built on by this intermediate article about your sites relationship with search engines.

I read another useful article on WordPress and search engines: how to make your wordpress site search engine ready.

Secure https websites are a topic that’s being discussed on the SEO blogs this month. The prevailing opinion seems to be that https can improve your website rank slightly, but it’s more of a “tie breaker” between two websites if you’re otherwise roughly equally ranked. Given that many markets are highly contested by many photographers this could be something that some photographers could benefit from. The two best articles I’ve read this month are both from Search Engine Journal: HTTPS gives your site an edge, and sites with most impressions are https. Read more about our services around https and encrypted websites.

The final article this month is on optimizing your website’s time to first byte. The article is simple but performance optimization can be a fairly advanced topic. Page caching, database, caching, using content distribution networks to cache static or sometimes content, stale content risks, etc. Fortunately we have deep experience in this area that we can offer our customers, you can read more about our performance optimisation services.

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