Speeding up a Photographers WordPress Website

Speeding up a Photographers WordPress Website

Karen, a professional photographer based in Ohio, had a slow website. It was slow to edit, slow for potential customer to view, and was losing her potential customers.

To help Karen we used many of the steps from our website optimisation article. We:

  • installed a WordPress caching plugin and configured it cache most of the pages on the website.
  • set up the free CloudFlare CDN, which provides additional caching as well as protecting websites from hackers.
  • added a plug that helps CloudFlare cache images and rarely changing technical information, helping it wring even more speed from the website.
  • made a few changes to DNS to enable her photocart uploader to work

We benchmarked the website before and after. The website load time dropped from anything up to 15 seconds down to around 2-4 seconds on average, a huge improvement. We could’ve made it even faster but the load time was easily good enough. The website was much more usable for both Karen to edit content and for her customers. It took us around 3.5 hours to do this work for Karen.

Karen gave us this great testimonial: Knowing just enough to be dangerous, I needed a lot of help when it came to optimizing my wordpress blog, website and shopping cart, all of which had been giving me serious load speed issues. Tim was amazingly responsive, replying to emails immediately, knowing just what needed to be done, and doing it in a fast and efficient timeframe. I am extremely pleased with Tim’s service and will not hesitate at all to contact him again about whatever web developing work I might need.

It was a pleasure to help, thanks Karen!


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