Migration of email from HostGator to Google Apps

Migration of email from HostGator to Google Apps

Jess from Jess and Nate Studios, a Michigan based professional photographer, was having email problems. Emails didn’t always arrive in customers inbox’s, customers emails didn’t always arrive in her inbox, she was getting quite a lot of spam, and ShootQ emails to her customers was ending up in the customers spam folders. They asked us to take a look, and move them over to Google for Business Email (business Gmail).

Getting ShootQ emails to arrive was easy – we simply modified their DNS SPF records to make the ShootQ server an authorised email sender. We had a few hassles with HostGator’s control panel not working as it should, but after some time with tech support we got it sorted out.

Moving their business email domain to Gmail was also a reasonably straightforward process. We did some preparation to ensure a smooth cut-over, helped them create the Google account, switched them over to Gmail, then migrated their email over – over ten thousand emails. No email was lost in the process and it was a smooth easy transition.

Total time spent (other than the HostGator work) was 3-4 hours, made easier because Jess was super organised and had all the passwords ready for us. It was a pleasure to work with Jess and we hope to be able to help her out in future! 🙂

Jess sent us a great testimonial, which you can read on our testimonials page.

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