New Zealand Plant Based Protein Powder Reviews

New Zealand Plant Based Protein Powder Reviews

Recently I’ve been trying different plant based protein powders. In general the plant based protein powders are somewhere between okay and awful, with most of them closer to awful than ok. I share this information to help others choose from the better protein powders available in New Zealand.

It’s a slightly odd topic for a technical website, but I wanted to share the information and here is easy!

Overview and Quick Recommendations

Plant based proteins are generally quite gritty or grainy, I guess it’s something to do with being plant based. Most of them have a fairly poor flavor as well.

In general:

  • All the plant based protein powders I’ve tried are acceptable at best, but most are unpleasant between unpleasant disgusting.
  • PranaOn Power Plant is the best of the plant protein powders I’ve tried. Vanilla and strawberry are both pretty good, I haven’t tried the other flavors. Most of the containers taste pretty good, but some containers have a really terrible aftertaste (see more below).
  • Most whey based proteins are better than any of the plant proteins, with a better taste and dissolving more easily. I’d go with milk based protein unless you really need plant based protein

PranaOn Power Plant – Best NZ Plant Based Protein Powder

PranaOn Power Plant is the best plant based protein powder I’ve tried so far. The advantage PranaOn has over other powders is the taste – it’s pretty good as plant proteins go. When I say “pretty good” this is a relative term – it’s still not as good as a whey protein powder which tend to be less grainy and taste better. My first two tubs of vanilla were pretty good, the third has a terrible aftertaste and I struggle to force it down. Sprint Fitness and the NZ Distributor were great to deal with and replaced the tub.

VanillaQuite good most of the time, some tubs significantly worse than others.
StrawberryNice flavor, quite sweet, mixes well
Coconut MylkNot bad, but not my favorite, at least when mixed with coconut milk. I find this one is a bit more grainy than the other two. If you like coconuts you’ll probably find this one at least ok, and it’s good for variety.
PranaOn Flavor Review

Switch – Protein Switch Organic Sprouted Plant Protein

Switch is the second best plant based protein powder, but it’s so far back from PranaOn that it’s pretty much last equal. This one is quite smooth, much less gritty than most plant proteins, just a little bit there. The main problem I have is it tastes like chalk, at best. I mixed it with berries, coconut milk and avocado, I drank half of it and threw the rest away – including the rest of the ten serve pack I purchaed.

Switch offer a “taste guarantee” so I’ve emailed them about a return / refund, I’ll post and update how that goes.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is really not great. It comes from Europe and is made from pea protein. On the upside, the powder isn’t gritty. On the downside it tastes awful, a mix of chalk and sawdust even when mixed with berries, coconut milk, and avocado. I drank half a glass, the rest went into the bin and I threw the container out.

Balance Plant Protein

This is the worst of the lot I’ve tried. Horribly gritty, not a great taste, and a really terrible aftertaste. I purchased 1kg, I managed to keep half a glass down then threw the lot away. Awful stuff.

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