A New WordPress Website for Panacea Health

A New WordPress Website for Panacea Health

A small local business mentioned to me they wanted website for their reasonably new business, but didn’t know where to get started. Read on for how we were able to help them.

Wellington Osteopath Panacea Health offers osteopathic services to the public, and also as a benefit employers can provide to their staff. This helps keep the staff happy, healthy, and shows the staff they’re valued by the business.

Despite being fantastic at what they do, they know nothing about websites. As a happy customer of Panacea Health Tim offered to help. We registered them two domain names, signed them up for web hosting, set up WordPress and the pages they wanted, and put a little basic content on for them to fill out. We put their email onto Google Apps/Gmail, and helped set it up on their phone and computers. We did some SEO on their website to make sure Google and other search engines would find it, and we put the site into the free CloudFlare CDN to ensure it was fast anywhere in the world.

It’s a fairly basic website, but it could easily have more graphics added or a different WordPress theme applied to give it a completely different look and feel. One great thing about WordPress is if you want to change the way your website looks or works you can do it easily and without losing any of the information you’ve spent a lot of time writing.

The Panacea Health website has been running for a few months now, it’s proven to be fast, stable, and flexible. We have another happy customer!

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