Photocrati 5 to 10 upgrade for Ray

Photocrati 5 to 10 upgrade for Ray

Ray recently contacted me to get some help upgrading his WordPress based Photocrati website from version 5 to version 10. Ray wanted to ensure his theme was upgraded properly so that the print sales system on his website kept working.

Photocrati has good instructions on the version upgrade. We followed these instructions, but there were a few tweaks / extra things done:

  • In step 14 don’t import content or galleries
  • Go into appearance -> customise and remove some of the old css
  • Still in appearance -> customise we changed the color of the background with the CSS below
.boxed-layout {
    background-color: white !important;

We did a few other little things for Ray as well, including as changing gallery styles, making sure galleries were set up with the correct price list on his e-commerce gateway, adding Updraft Backup Plus do run some backups for him, changing menus, and changing the home page.

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