Email Migration Information Form

NB: We recommend you change your password to something temporary before sending the information to us.


  • If you’d like some background on how email works please read our email migration overview. We also have guides on accessing your new Google Apps or Office 365 email.
  • During the migration process it’s usually easiest to use webmail to check both your old and new email account, as the changes we make can prevent your PC or phone picking up new email. If being able to check email on your PC/phone is important during the switch please let us know as we can cater for this.
  • Once your email switch is done you will have to make changes to your email program to get email from the new server.
  • You need to check your old webmail for up to a week after the migration is done. Email is unlikely to arrive at that account more than after 24 hours the switch is done, but we’ve seen email arrive up to a few days later.
  • It usually takes us a few days to get the transfer sorted out before we do the switch-over.
  • Please check each URL, username, and password before you send it to us. It takes more time and costs you more if the details you send are incorrect.
  • The information you send to us is sent securely and your passwords are safe. If you get a warning from your web browser about “some parts of the page are insecure” this is just a reference to the background images and is nothing to be concerned about. If you’re concerned please arrange a time to call us to give us your passwords on the phone or Skype.
  • Important: we ask for your passwords, which are essential to be able to act on your behalf. Your passwords are sent to us securely, we store them in an encrypted password vault and delete them when the work is done. You may like to change your passwords to something temporary before you send them to us, but please test logging in after you change them to save both time and money.
  • Important: most email migrations are really quick and simple, requiring little time for you, but some can be quite time consuming. It’s not always clear out the outset how much time is required from you. Because of this an email migration is best done during a period where you can devote some time to the effort if required.


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